Our History

Cathedral of Judah was birthed through prayer in December of 2004. With a small group of five founding members which met in a home to organize the beginning of this great "movement". 

Our first service was held at the Holiday Inn-North in Richmond, VA with approximately 20 people in attendance. For the first two years, he church held its regular Sunday morning services at 1:00 pm. 

We were persistent in service and in prayer even though times were very rough. For the first couple of years the five members held every office possible and wore several hats. There were several Sunday mornings where there would only be three people in attendance, however our Pastor preached as if it were to a million and the praise team sung as if it were to a thousand. We understood to be faithful over the few things God has given and He will call you up higher. We knew God had ordained this ministry so we patiently waited for manifestation

Our church began to expand and grow, and the hotel would not accommodate our needs of our ministry which God had birthed in us. From that point we moved to the Hanover area, with the focus and direction or changing the perception of “The Church of the living God” in every area that we treaded our feet. Service times moved to 8:00 am, and we began to receive an overflow of people. We then had to establish a bible study to continue to meet the needs of the growing church and the growing people. 

In 2009 the church moved into the Robinson Theater located in the historic Church Hill. In this new Renovated Theater the church rented a block of time to come together and worship. During our short time at the Robinson Theater the church grew tremendously in number, and began to search for a more permanent location to call home. 

In December of 2011 God opened the door and blessed Cathedral of Judah with the edifice in which we now worship. These buildings will help to further the vision given to us by our leader of:
Child Care Facility
Youth Intervention Programs
Homeless Outreach quarters

This is not to include other ministries which will be birthed through our church.

At this point other ministries have been formed and will continue to be formed as more people with different talents, gifts, and also needs, begin to become joined with this fellowship. Pastor Curtis made and makes the statement that stands so true to our church, “be ready to receive the increase when it arrives”. This has given us the ability to have the right people in the right places to serve in the ministries now needed to meet the new population of members as well as the original members. 

June 2015, at our 11th church anniversary celebration, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, Cathedral of Judah was renamed and is now currently known as The Sanctuary- Richmond Campus. 

About Us
TSR Philosphy

Empowering Lives.

Empowering lives through the Word of God, to do that which couldn't be done before, to have what they couldn't before, and to be what they couldn't be before.

Changing minds. 

Through the power of His love to think with the mind of Christ and to influence through the ways of Christ.

Making a huge difference in the Earth.

Making a huge difference in their lives to make a difference in someone else's life.

The Sanctuary RIC | PO Box 27754 , Richmond, VA 23261