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Aggressive, powerful, and determined are three words that best describe our leader Michael Bernard Curtis Jr. It was evident from the time he was born, September 10, 1979, that he was destined for greatness. Being a peculiar child, Michael showed from an early age that he had a relationship with God. The facets of prayer, worship, and the word that were instilled in him helped him to surmount many challenges, but they also proved that God had relationship with him.

At age eight what started out as a hobby has now become his vocation in the likes of him being a preacher. Michael would stand on an old tree truck and preach to his first members; Natasha and his Grandmother. By the time Michael was recognized by a public assembly and licensed at the age of 23 in a Baptist church, he had developed such a unique style of preaching that anyone that heard him could retain the word.

Bishop Michael B. Curtis Jr.
Senior Pastor and Founder
"True happiness can not be purchased or obtained as a result of a performance, but rather it is released from the pain you refuse to return too!" - Bishop Michael B. Curtis Jr

Michael, always being studious by nature became overwhelmed in academics, due to challenges in life. Understanding purpose however, he endeavored to overcome every obstacle and obtained his diploma, and continued with further studies. Our leader is proof that no matter what you have gone through or what you have endured if you stay persistent you can accomplish any and every goal you set in life.

Now being fully equipped from both the market place and ministry, Michael acknowledged and accepted the call to become a Pastor. Understanding that God gives Shepherds after his own heart, Michael stayed in the presence of the Lord to receive the mandate and instructions for the church. From this time with God, Cathedral of Judah was birthed, on January 7, 2004, the church was launched with five founding members. From that time till now Cathedral of Judah has endured the challenges of being a new ministry and remained faithful and diligent understanding that no matter what reality presents God is more than able to provide for that which He has ordained. Cathedral of Judah successfully feeds the homeless every 4th Tuesday of the month and bridges the gap in physical necessities for those in the community during Community Days, hosted every 4th Saturday of the month.In 2006, Pastor Curtis experienced a transition that has brought the best out of him by way of the birth of his son, Benjamin Jefferson Curtis. Being a natural father released the spiritual revelation of God's unconditional love and forgiveness towards his people. It is the goal of Bishop Curtis to see all those that desire salvation not only be saved but be delivered, healed, set free, and empowered to live an abundant Kingdom-principled life. Because of this Pastor Curtis after once again spending time with God to gain direction and instruction birthed “City of Refuge for All People” movement ; thus starting another chapter in his life.

In 2012, Pastor Curtis launched out to form the first National Convocation of The City of Refuge For All People. During this first Convocation he was consecrated to the office of Bishop and Ordained his first Elders and Deaconess as the Bishop. Bishop Curtis continues to push and empower leaders to develop and increase the citizens. of the Kingdom.